“Create an exceptional business & live a great life.”

“Create an exceptional business & live a great life.”

6 Shortcuts to Motivation and Desire

What do you do when you feel low and short on motivation and desire?  As a Business Coach I am committed to keeping my clients motivated and excited about achieving their goals. However, to build and grow a small business you need to learn that you can generate your...

Revealing Links Between Planning and Procrastination

Planning can be a solution or the obstacle. Creating a time line and process for the project sometimes can help you to stop putting things off and managing the fear of the new commitment. However, if you have trouble moving beyond the planning stage into action you may end up bogged down in analysis paralysis.

3 Easy Steps To Manage Stress At Work

Research has proven many times over that stress has a negative impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. There is plenty of scientific evidence that Mindfulness, or some form of meditation and breathwork, can be used as a powerful tool in managing stress.

The Role of Ritual at Work

Rituals associated to performance seem to have several positive effects: they focus the mind, make us present in body, trigger muscle memory and calm our emotions.