Lead Without Limits Podcast

Great Leaders are made not born. They set no limits on themselves or others.

In each episode, Certified Business & Life Coach Stefania Rigo brings you stimulating conversations with women who lead in business and their community. Hear their stories, be inspired by their journeys, and receive practical teachings. Explore how your mind and soul energy, together with your actions and intentions, impact how you project a leadership presence and bring heart and consciousness into your life. As leaders, we have the power to shape the future of society and our planet. Join us for the wisdom you need to explore and grow your authentic embodiment as a leader without limits!

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Meet Stefania

Host Stefania Rigo shares how her unique upbringing and professional experiences influenced her leadership style. Stefania shares what listeners can expect in future episodes of Lead Without Limits.

Episode 2: The story of a leader who pushes her limits

Stefania interviews entrepreneur, speaker, and coach Laura Wall. In her coaching practice, Laura works with spiritual entrepreneurs to help them bring their gifts to the world.

Episode 3: How to Lead Without Limits - 3 Powerful Insights

Guest Beth Alford, entrepreneur, branding and marketing visionary, shares powerful insights into how she identified 3 powerful insights into what it means to lead without limits.

Episode 4: Creating Opportunities

Coach Pamela DeNeuve shares her story of creating opportunities. Pamela’s story is about following your intuition, taking risks and creating opportunities to make your dreams come true. She calls it the Magic of Life.

Episode 5: Leading in Our Own Life

We learn to lead in our own lives as part of our development from childhood into adulthood. The work of becoming leaders is our responsibility. We explore the cultural differences and how they impact leadership styles of young adults. Amina talks about resilience as one of the important qualities of leadership.

Episode 6: Live More from A Good Feeling!

My guest, Lynn MacDonald, shares how she came into her power and how her life was forever changed once she understood the 3 principles of how the mind works.

Episode 7: My Crazy Story of Big Success!

Stefanie Raya joins me in a conversation where she shares her inspiring story of overcoming obstacles, disrupting sales models and achieving crazy big success!

Episode 8: A Gardner’s Approach to Building Intentional Culture

An informative and fun conversation with Cindy Villanueva. Cindy shares her 5 Pillars of Intentional Culture. And, takes us through a fun and enlightening explanation of how setting intentional culture is much like tending a garden.

Episode 9: 3 Easy Tips on How to Lead from A Heart Centered Space

In this episode Stefania Rigo shares 3 practical tips anyone can practice to shift from frazzled and overwhelmed to a heart centered state. She explores why it’s important now more than ever to lead and serve in this way; and, the life changing and positive results you will experience if you do.

Episode 10: A Healer's Journey to Finding Her Voice

In this episode Laura Dunworth, Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, shares her journey to finding her voice as a leader and business owner.

Episode 11: 2020 - The Year of Growth for a Yoga Studio Owner

When Yoga Teacher & Trainer Jenna has to shut down her studio due to the Covid-19 outbreak she creates new opportunities to serve her clients and her Yogi community. It’s the year of the pivot!

Episode 12: Pam Hurn: Turning Health Challenges into Life Lessons

Pam Hurn shares her story and how she turned her health challenges into lessons and learnings that changed her life. Now she lives her true purpose of helping others achieve optimum health and live a high quality life.

Episode 13: The Power of Gratitude

In this episode I share psychological research and personal observations as I dive deep into practicing gratitude as part of our self-care.

Episode 14: 8 Steps to a Powerful Enrollment Conversation

Are you an expert in your field who struggles with enrolling clients because you are not confident in sales? You feel out of alignment with yourself when you have to have talk about pricing and programs? Business Coach Stefania Rigo shares the lessons learned in 30 + years in sales and a powerful process that is heart centered, simple and creates a high-level experience.

Episode 15: Exploring The Body’s Innate Ability to Heal Itself

Wow to my guest today, Laura Bautista! Laura is a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner & High Performance Health Coach. Laura suffered with chronic illness and disease for many years and now helps people release those burdens by addressing root causes and facilitating life-changing healing journeys. She is passionate and knowledgeable about the body’s innate ability to heal itself given what it needs. She teaches about lifestyle design, disease prevention, and learning the language of your body’s physical and emotional symptoms.

Episode 16: Finding Your Leadership Mojo!

My guest in this episode is a powerful healer and most heart centered people I know. Eleni Ottalagana is a Registered Dietitian who specialized in helping women manage PCOS and lose weight through nutrition coaching with an emphasis on integrative and functional approaches. She shares her story of finding her leadership mojo.

Episode 17: My Top 8 Tips to Mastering Any Skill

Business and life coach, and your host, Stefania Rigo shares her tips for mastering any skill. Stefania has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life and she wants to share what she has learned with you. Whether you want to master a skill in your personal life, or to give yourself a “leg up” in your career, you don’t want to miss Stefania’s top tips!

Episode 18: The Importance of Ritual for Peak Performance

What new habits do you need to embrace in 2021 to make your big goals a reality? In this episode I explore how ritual is useful in preparing us for action and peak performance.

Episode 19: Embodying the Servant Leader

Sharman Reed, my guest this week embodies the Servant Leader. Her story inspires and challenges us to show up and serve in our communities and professional lives at a consistently high level. Raise your hand you ‘all and serve! The gift will be the unfolding of your unique embodiment of the Servant Leader.

Episode 20: The 5 Pillars of Scaling a Business

Is growing your business your big dream this year? Join Business Coach Stefania Rigo in this episode where she explores 5 areas that need to be addressed to successfully launch growth. Make your big dreams come true in 2021!

Episode 21: Stefania’s 4 Steps to Clear Goals

Do you want a business and a life that is intentional and connects with your true heart’s desire? Get clarity on your big dreams by following this 4 step process.

Episode 22: Wendy Colonna - The Power of Leading with Music

This week’s episode totally rocks it! Wendy is an Austin based musician who is passionate about the powerful ways in which music brings people together. Wendy shares how the creative process and power of music enriches company culture and elevates brands.

Episode 23: Inviting Creativity and Spirituality into the Workplace

An enlightening conversation with Tamara Herl, L.P.C. about the role of creativity and spirituality in setting culture in the workplace. Tamara talks about the importance of art and nature in company culture and defines the role of the shadow in self-growth.

Episode 24: Heart-Based Intuition

Do you get confused sometimes when you think of “intuition”? What is it, where is it and how do you connect with it and trust it? Let’s clear up some of that confusion. In today’s podcast I explore a model of intuition based on guidance from the heart and offer practical techniques on how to learn to connect with your heart intelligence.

Episode 25: 5 Pillars of Leading a Team to Excellence

Are you leading a team of employees or are you a solopreneur who outsources with a team of vendor partners? In either case your team’s performance depends on your leadership skills. In this episode of the Lead Without Limits podcast I share the 5 Pillars of Leading a Team to Excellence.

Episode 26: The Importance of Trust in Leadership

How much do you trust yourself? How does it show up in your leadership style and in your ability to make decisions for your business and your team? Let’s explore trust in ourselves and in others and how it impacts us as leaders.

Episode 27: Stephanie Trusler: The Importance of Taking Leadership in your Business’s Finances

Stephanie shares practical advice and transformational insights into the importance of having an clear and in depth understanding of your business’s finances.

Episode 28: Mapping Your Relationship to the Energy of Money

Money! Got your attention, Yes? I hope so because leadership in our money house is super important in both our business and personal life. Join me in exploring your own maps and money stories, what they mean and their impact.

Episode 29: How to Manage Your Physical & Mental Energy for a Better Day

Join me as we explore why it is time to focus on managing our energy instead of managing our time. Managing our physical and mental energy leads to better outcomes, productivity and wellbeing.

Episode 30: Why Is It Important to Reinvent Your Business?

In this episode we explore why it’s important to step back periodically to take a fresh look at your business and seize opportunities for change.